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Chronology for Darfur Black Muslims in Sudan

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Date(s) Item
Feb 2003 The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) launched their first attacks against government garrisons in Darfur. (Prendergast, John and Andrew Stroehlein. 01/20/2004. "Don't breathe a sigh of relief for Sudan just yet." International Crisis Group.)
Jan 2004 According to the Sudanese Organization Against Torture, six Zaghawa men were arbitrarily arrested by authorities and tortured. (Africa News, 01/20/2004, “Sudan; Ill-Treatment and Torture of 3 Members of the Zaghawa Tribe in Nyala, Darfur”)
Jan 2004 Witnesses report that rebel groups attacked a police station and government offices, seizing money and supplies. Subsequently, soldiers reported capturing SLA members. (Human Rights Watch. 11/2004. “Sudan: Government Abuses.”)
Jan 1 - Feb 29, 2004 The government led a campaign against inhabitants of Darfur and severely limited human rights agencies’ access to the region. (Human Rights Watch. 01/21/2005. “Targeting the Fur: Mass Killings in Darfur.")
Jan 15, 2004 The government forcibly closed down two IDP camps in Southern Darfur, moving the displaced persons to camps in areas inaccessible to humanitarian aid and without sufficient sanitation resources according to Medecins Sans Frontieres. (Africa News, 01/16/2004, “Sudan; Authorities Forcibly Close IDP Camps in Southern Darfur”)
Jan 15, 2004 The UNHCR opens its first official refugee camp designed to hold between 9 and 12 thousand people. (Africa News, 01/25/2004, “Sudan; 18,000 More Refugees From Darfur Flood Into Chad”)
Feb 13, 2004 Following a meeting with US representatives to discuss the humanitarian crisis and violence in Darfur, Fur tribal leaders were arrested. (Congressional Press Releases, 02/18/2004, “Tribal Leaders Arrested After USAID Meeting”)
Mar 3, 2004 Government sources claimed to have killed 6-7 rebel commanders in Darfur, one of whom was a prominent Fur member. (BBC Monitoring International Reports, 03/03/2004, “Sudan: Official Says Top Rebels Killed in Darfur”)
Mar 15, 2004 Ali Hussain Dossa, a Zaghawa Member of Parliament, was arrested and tortured for alleged support of the SLA. These charges carry the possibility of the death penalty. (Africa News, 03/23/2004, “Sudan; Torture And Possible Death Sentence For A Member of Parliament And A Veterinary Doctor”)
Apr 8, 2004 SLA and JEM sign a ceasefire agreement with the government.(Human Rights Watch. 01/21/2005. “Targeting the Fur: Mass Killings in Darfur.")
Apr 8, 2004 The SLA and JEM signed a ceasefire agreement with the government agreeing to end hostilities toward civilians. (Africa News, 04/08/2004, “Sudan; Annan Hails Signing of Humanitarian Ceasefire Accord On Darfur Region”)
Sep 7, 2004 In Abu Dileig, North Darfur, soldiers and Janjaweed members looted the village. After their retreat, helicopters carried out an aerial assault on the village, specifically targeting Zaghawa houses and shops. Four died as a result of the attack and several more were wounded. (Human Rights Watch. 11/2004. “Sudan: Government Abuses.”)
Oct 2004 Forces thought to belong to the Sudanese Army surrounded the Fasha village (Dajo ethnicity) and opened fire. 15 civilians were killed in the shootings. (Human Rights Watch. 11/2004. "Sudan: Government Abuses.")
2005 Fighting between government forces and those in Darfur led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians. Villages belonging to African tribes were razed in the attack. (US Department of State. 03/08/2006. "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices-2005: Sudan." Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.)
Jan 7, 2005 Police forces arrested 6 from the Zaghawa tribe who were employed by a Chinese construction company. They were arrested after a call they made to relatives in North Darfur. (Africa News, 01/28/2005, “Sudan; Arbitrary Detention and Disappearance of Zaghawa Tribe Members”)
Jan 9, 2005 The government signs a Comprehensive Peace Agreement giving the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) representation in government. (US Department of State. 03/08/2006. "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices-2005: Sudan." Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.)
Feb 11, 2005 Chad announces that it will no longer participate in the Sudanese mediation after rumors that the Sudanese government was supporting a Chadian rebel force. Chad was mediating between the government and three Darfur rebel organizations. (Melville, Christopher, 04/13/2005, “Chadian Government Withdraws from Darfur Mediation,” World Markets Analysis)
Feb 14, 2005 A Fur student was arrested and tortured in military custody. He was eventually charged with waging war against the state, which carries the possibility of a death sentence. (Africa News, 03/09/2005, “Sudan; Student Arrested in Darfur”)
Feb 19, 2005 Six men in civilian clothing arrested Amir, a Zaghawa, on the suspicion of supporting the SLA. He was taken to a police office where he was held over night. (Africa News, 02/25/2005, “Sudan; New Information of Arbitrary Arrests, Disappearances, and Torture”)
Mar 2005 A Fur student was arrested and tortured in military custody, receiving charges of waging war against the state. (Africa News, 03/09/2005, “Sudan; Student Arrested in Darfur”)
Mar 21, 2005 Haroun, a member of the Zaghawa tribe, is arrested for suspected involvement with rebels. Reports indicated that while in custody, he was raped and beaten. (Africa News, 03/21/2005, “Sudan; The International Secretariat of OMCT Requests Your Urgent Intervention Concerning the Following Situation in Sudan”)
Jul 2005 The SPLM and the government agreed to a new constitution, installing a Government of National Unity. (US Department of State. 03/08/2006. "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices-2005: Sudan." Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.)
Jul 9, 2005 The government lifts the state of emergency except in Darfur. (US Department of State. 03/08/2006. "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices-2005: Sudan." Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.)
Sep 21, 2005 SLA takes control of a previously government-controlled town in South Darfur. The town was heavily fortified and there were reports of heavy fighting. (Africa News, 09/21/2005, “Sudan; Rebels Take Over Government Town in Darfur”)
Oct 4, 2005 Chad closed its consulate in Darfur after a Sudanese militia crossed the border and killed 36 Chadians. Some suspect the government is behind the attack. (Associated Press Worldstream, 10/04/2005, “Chad closes consulate in Sudan's troubled Darfur region”)
Jan 24 - Feb 1, 2006 Armed forces clash with the SLA. This government attack is thought to be in response to a Jan. 24th SLA attack on government forces, which killed and injured some personnel. (BBC Monitoring International Reports, 02/01/2006, “Sudan Thousands Displaced by Renewed Attacks in Southern Darfur”)
Apr 19 - 29, 2006 The government carried out an aerial campaign against the Um Rai village in Darfur. One bomb hit a school of 170, injuring several. Two civilians were also killed in the assault. (Human Rights Watch. 09/2007. “North Darfur.”)
Apr 25 - 29, 2006 Ibrahim Adam was arrested by troops and then taken to a nearby hut and hanged. Soldiers then set fire to the hut. 18 more were arrested on suspicion of collaboration with the SLA. (Africa News, 05/10/2006, “Sudan; Continued Targeting of Civilians in Donkey Dereisa, Nyala, South Darfur State”)
Apr 27, 2006 The government, Janjaweed and the Popular Defense Forces led attacks with the aim of taking back Gereida from SLA forces. (Africa News, 04/27/2006, “Sudan; Fears of New Govt Offensive in South Darfur”)
May 5, 2006 The Sudanese government and the Minnawi branch of the Sudanese Liberation Army signed a peace pact. the Nur SLA branch's refusal to sign the treaty led to a split: SLA-Nur faction and Front for the Liberation and Renaissance, led by Abdulrahman Moussa. (The International Herald Tribune, 05/06/2006, “Largest Sudan rebel faction signs truce”)
Jun 11, 2006 The World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) noted two arbitrary arrests of Zaghawa - a student and a teacher - on charges of supporting the SLA. (Africa News, 06/27/2006, "Sudan; Continued Targetting of Civilians”)
Jul 3, 2006 After JEM rebels launched an attack on Hamrat al-Sheikh, the government responded with aerial attacks. 12 people died in the attacks. (Global Insight, 07/04/2006, “Darfur Rebel Group Seizes Town in Central Sudan; Peace Deal on Brink”)
Jul 15 - Aug 1, 2006 About 25,000 people are displaced due to violence in North Darfur between the government, janjaweed and rebel groups. (Africa News, 08/01/2006, “Sudan; Escalating Violence Displaces 25,000 in North Darfur”)
Aug 2006 The Sudanese government launched heavy aerial attacks on the NRF an alliance including Group of 19 and JEM. The government also took Um Sadir, which sparked a counter attack by NRF. The AU said 20 civilians died in the offensive. (Human Rights Watch. 2007. “Chaos By Design: Peacekeeping Challenges for AMIS and UANMID: North Darfur.”)
Sep 2, 2006 The UN passed a resolution calling for a peacekeeping mission of more than 17,000 to Darfur. They are awaiting Sudanese approval before sending them in. (Blair, David, 09/02/2006, “UN troops land as Darfur offensive builds,” The Calgary Herald (Alberta))
Sep 29, 2006 SLA-Nur faction clashed with police in Omdurman after two of their members were arrested. The SLM claims to have captured the police officer who gave the order for the arrest of its members. (Marashlian, Anoushka, 09/29/2006, “Darfur Rebels Capture Sudanese Soldiers Near Capital,” Global Insight)
Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2006 The government and Janjaweed carried out a number of campaigns against villages and IDP camps in Western Darfur. In one attack, 50 civilians were killed. In Novemeber, government forces were responsible for the burning of more than 100 houses and the killing 8 civilians. Janjaweed then in December ambushed a truck with medical supplies and passengers, killing 30 civilians. (Human Rights Watch. 2007. “Chaos By Design: Peacekeeping Challenges for AMIS and UANMID: West Darfur.”)
Dec 2006 In Jebel Mara, a rebel stronghold, janjaweed militia and government forces led an attack against civilians, raping and killing dozens. (Human Rights Watch. 2007. “Chaos By Design: Peacekeeping Challenges for AMIS and UANMID: Jebel Marra.”)
Dec 2006 Government airplanes indiscriminately dropped bombs on villages below, killing 20 civilians and displacing 1,000 civilians. (Human Rights Watch. 09/2007. “North Darfur.”)


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