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Chronology for Baluchis in Iran

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Date(s) Item
Mar 13, 1990 Pakistani security forces kill 7 people when they raid a hideout of Iranian saboteurs planning attacks on Iran in the area of Sistan-Baluchistan.
Mar 28, 1990 Iran executes 2 men for spying for Iraq and collaborating with bandits and counter-revolutionaries in the Sistan-Baluchistan area. Note: Iran executes many of the rebels it catches. Such executions will not be further noted unless otherwise noteworthy.
Mar 28, 1990 UPI reports that Iran is facing a low-key rebellion among Baluchi tribesmen in the southeastern territories. The rebels are frequently referred to as drug traffickers, bandits and counter-revolutionaries. Note: Incidents will not be reported in this chronology unless at least one source refers to those perpetrating the incident as rebels or their actions are clearly rebellious.
Apr 1990 Iranian security forces clash with armed rebels and drug traffickers in the Sistan-Baluchistan province several times this month.
Jun 7, 1990 "Armed bandits" kill a prominent Iranian cleric in Sistan-Baluchistan.
Feb 1 - Mar 31, 1991 Severe flooding damages crops and property leaving at least 50,000 homeless. In the following months and years a considerable amount of foreign aid is donated to deal with this problem.
Jun 1991 Clashes between Baluchi tribesmen and government forces in the Sistan-Baluchistan province result in the deaths of over 100 of Iran's revolutionary guards.
Jul 1991 The Independent (July 16, 1991) reports that during 1990 in heavy fighting with Baluch tribesmen, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard lost at least 20 helicopters and "devastated" many Baluchi villages.
Sep 13, 1991 Iranian opposition radio reports clashes between Baluchi combatants and Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the city of Khashi. They also report a demonstration in the city of Birjand.
Oct 18, 1991 Iranian opposition radio reports clashes between Baluchi "strugglers" and "the regime's agents."
Nov 5, 1991 Iranian opposition radio reports continued clashes between Baluchi "strugglers" and Iranian government forces.
Nov 28, 1991 Iran claims to have killed 27 Baluchi rebels in a raid on a hideout in Sistan-Baluchistan.
Apr 18, 1992 300 Afghan guerrillas based in Sistan-Baluchistan return to Afghanistan.
Jun 24, 1992 Local people protest over Iran's setting up a military base and violently clash with Iranian revolutionary guards in Zahedan, the capital of Sistan-Baluchistan. 6 revolutionary guards are killed and the township's mayor is taken hostage.
Mar 18, 1993 3 Iranian Baluchi activists are murdered in Karachi by what are believed to be agents of the Iranian government.
Jun 6, 1993 Mohammed Hassan Arbab, a Baluchi activist, is shot dead by gunmen believed to be working for Iranian security forces.
Nov 17, 1993 Amnesty International includes Baluchis in a list of groups especially subject to human rights violations in Iran.
Feb 2, 1994 Demonstrators in Sistan-Baluchistan attack public buildings and military vehicles in Zahedan, the province's capital, on the 15th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution.
Feb 6, 1994 The Iranian government reinforces security forces in Sistan-Baluchistan due to clashes between police and armed protestors who were denouncing Iran's demolition of a Sunni mosque in the city of Mashad in the province of Khorastan. 21 protestors and 4 security men are killed and at least 30 are wounded. The government claims that the unrest was caused by drug smugglers.
Oct 27, 1994 Deutsche Presse Agentur reports that a self-proclaimed Baluch National Council has called for a special status for the Sunni-dominated Sistan-Baluchistan region within the Iranian Shi'i theocracy.
Jun 7, 1995 A group of 97 "bandits", including Abdollah Lushari a member of the Baluchi nationalists and 20 of his men, surrender to government forces.
Mar 10, 1996 Reformers gain a majority of seats in first round polls. (ABC CLIO)
Apr 21, 1996 Conservative parliamentarians in Iran's Islamic consultative Assembly lost more seats in the run off elections held on April 19. (ABC CLIO)
May 23, 1997 Khatami, a moderate, is elected president with 69% of the vote. Khatami promised in the campaign to reduce censorship and support a diversity of attitudes. (ABC CLIO)
Oct 25, 1998 Conservatives dominate election to the council of experts when many of the reformist candidates were disqualified. (ABC CLIO)
Mar 8, 1999 Moderates win in first local elections in 20 years. (ABC CLIO)
Jun 30, 2005 In Chabahar, an unspecified number of Baluchis were forcibly evicted and their homes demolished by security forces. (Amnesty International. 09/17/07. "Iran: Human Rights Abuses Against The Baluchi Minority". 04/28/08.)
Dec 14, 2005 About 10 Baluchi militants attack the Iranian Presidential motorcade in Sistan-Balochistan killing one guard and the driver. Some of the militants died in the clash that ensued with security forces.(Al-Bawaba. 12/20/05. "Report: Iranian President escapes assassination attempt")
Jan 22, 2006 There were unconfirmed reports that Iranian security officials shot and killed three Baluchi youths returning from visiting their uncle in the hospital. (Amnesty International. 09/17/07. "Iran: Human Rights Abuses Against the Baluchi Minority". 04/18/08.)
Feb 2006 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a letter, announced that the government of Iran is considering the use of landmines to curb drug trafficking along its borders. Drug trafficking is a problem along the borders of Balochistan-Sistan province where Baluchis are concentrated. (Amnesty Interanational. 9/17/2007. "Iran: Human Rights Abuses Against The Baluchi Minority." 01/16/09.)
Mar 16, 2006 Jundallah attacked a government convoy, killing government employees and taking two Revolutionary Guard Corps members hostage. The hostages were later killed. (Amnesty International. 09/17/07. "Iran: Human Rights Abuses Against the Baluchi Minority". 04/18/08.)
May 13, 2006 Jundallah, a militant Baluchi organization, is thought to be behind the deaths of 12 in Kerman province. They deny responsibility. (Amnesty International. 09/17/07. "Iran: Human Rights Abuses Against the Baluchi Minority". 04/18/08.)
Dec 14, 2006 In Sistan-Balochistan, a double bombing takes place killing one and injuring another. Jundallah is thought to be behind the violence, although the organization denies responsibility. (Amnesty International. 09/17/07. "Iran: Human Rights Abuses Against the Baluchi Minority". 04/18/08.)


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