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Chronology for Turkmen in Iran

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Oct 22, 1990 Iran and the Soviet Republic of Turkmania agree to arrange cross-border pilgrimages and sightseeing tours in order to help establish relations between Turkmen living on both sides of the border. From this point in time onward, Turkmania's (later to be called Turkmenistan) economic and political relations with Iran steadily improve.
Oct 27, 1991 Turkmania, until this point in time part of the USSR, declares itself independent and eventually renames itself Turkmenistan.
Oct 1992 Turkmen activists attend an opposition congress held in territory held by Iraqi Kurds in Northern Iraq.
Nov 30, 1993 During a security conference between Iran and Turkey on Kurdish sovereignty, the head of the Iranian delegation states that Iran has no intention of allowing Iran's various ethnic groups, including Turkmen, to have autonomy.
Mar 10, 1996 Reformers gain a majority of seats in first round polls. (ABC CLIO)
Apr 21, 1996 Conservative parliamentarians in Iran's Islamic consultative Assembly lost more seats in the run off elections held on April 19. (ABC CLIO)
May 23, 1997 Khatami, a moderate is elected president with 69% of the vote. Khatami promised in the campaign to reduce censorship and support a diversity of attitudes. (ABC CLIO)
Oct 25, 1998 Conservatives dominate election to the council of experts when many of the reformist candidates were disqualified. (ABC CLIO)
Mar 8, 1999 Moderates win in first local elections in 20 years. (ABC CLIO)
Jun 1 - 5, 2006 Following the publication of a cartoon depicting Azerbajanis as cockroaches, Iranian Turkmen issued a statement to the Iranian government and participated in a protest for minority rights in support of Azerbaijanis. (BBC Monitoring, 06/05/2006, "Iranian Turkmens back ethnic Azari protesters-Baku agency"; BBC Monitoring, 06/05/2006, "Hundreds of Iranian activists demand respect for minorities' rights")


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