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Chronology for Sikhs in India

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Date(s) Item
Apr 29, 2004 Dal Khalsa held 'Sikh Freedom March' to publicize their fight for freeing Sikhs in prison and their belief in Khalistan, an independent Sikh State. (The Hindu, 4/30/2004, "Sikh Freedom March")
May 22 - 22, 2004 Monmohan Singh became India's first Sikh, and non-Hindu, Prime Minister. (The Irish Times, 5/21/2004, "Sikhs triumphant as Singh prepares for swearing in")
May 22 - 22, 2005 Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) detonated two bombs in movie theaters in Delhi, many were injured. (South Asia Terrorism Portal. 2008. "Babbar Khalsa International." accessed 02/26/2009.)
Aug 10 - 10, 2005 Sikhs staged rallies to protest against the government's refusal to prosecute a federal minister implicated in the 1984 riots. (The Advertiser, 8/10/2005, "Wild rallies")
Aug 13 - 13, 2005 Sikhs protested for stronger punishment of those involved in 1984 anti-Sikh riots. They burned the effigies of former Union Minister Jagdish Tytler and Congress MP Sajjan Kumar. (The Hindu, 8/13/2005, "Sikhs Stage Protest")
Jan 10 - 10, 2006 More than 100 hand grenades were found in the Golden Temple, the Sikh's holiest place of worship. (The Statesman, 1/11/2006, "Grendads In Golden Temple")
Jan 18 - 18, 2006 A campus vigil protested for Sikh political activists held in jails across India. (Bristol Evening Post, 1/18/2006, "Sikhs hold vigil over prisoners")
Apr 28 - 28, 2006 At a bus terminal in Jalandhar, a Khalistan Zindabad Force militant detonated a bomb. (South Asian Terrorism Portal. "Khalistan Zindabad Fource." 2008. accessed 02/25/2009.)
Aug 23 - 23, 2006 Protesters carried swords and stormed a police station demanding the punishment of those who forced a Sikh youth to cut his hair. Two policemen were injured. The youth later admitted he was never forced to cut his hair. (BBC Monitoring South Asia, 8/23/2006, "Indian Sikhs ransack northwest police station in protest over youth's hair cut")


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