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Minority Group Assessments for All Regions

283 groups matched your request.

Country Group Group Type
Afghanistan Hazaras communal contender
Afghanistan Pashtuns communal contender
Afghanistan Tajiks communal contender
Afghanistan Uzbeks communal contender
Albania Greeks national minority
Algeria Berbers indigenous
Angola Bakongo communal contender
Angola Cabinda communal contender
Angola Ovimbundu communal contender
Argentina Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Argentina Jews ethnonationalist
Australia Aborigines indigenous
Azerbaijan Armenians national minority
Azerbaijan Lezgins indigenous
Azerbaijan Russians national minority
Bahrain Shi'is religious sect
Bangladesh Biharis national minority
Bangladesh Chittagong Hill Tribes indigenous
Bangladesh Hindus religious sect
Belarus Poles national minority
Belarus Russians national minority
Bhutan Lhotshampas national minority
Bolivia Indigenous Highland Peoples indigenous
Bolivia Lowland Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Bosnia Bosniaks ethnonationalist
Bosnia Croats national minority
Bosnia Serbs national minority
Botswana San Bushmen indigenous
Brazil Afro-Brazilians ethnoclass
Brazil Amazonian Indians indigenous
Bulgaria Roma ethnoclass
Bulgaria Turks national minority
Burma Kachins indigenous
Burma Karens ethnonationalist
Burma Mons indigenous
Burma Rohingya (Arakanese) indigenous
Burma Shans ethnonationalist
Burma Zomis (Chins) indigenous
Burundi Hutus communal contender
Burundi Tutsis communal contender
Cambodia Vietnamese national minority
Cameroon Bamileke communal contender
Cameroon Kirdi indigenous
Cameroon Westerners communal contender
Canada French Canadians ethnonationalist
Canada Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Canada Quebecois ethnonationalist
Chad Southerners communal contender
Chile Indigenous Peoples indigenous
China Hui Muslims religious sect
China Tibetans ethnonationalist
China Turkmen indigenous
Colombia Blacks ethnoclass
Colombia Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Costa Rica Antillean Blacks ethnoclass
Croatia Serbs national minority
Cyprus Turkish Cypriots ethnonationalist
Czech Republic Roma ethnoclass
Czech Republic Slovaks ethnonationalist
Dem. Rep. of the Congo Hutus ethnoclass
Dem. Rep. of the Congo Luba communal contender
Dem. Rep. of the Congo Lunda, Yeke communal contender
Dem. Rep. of the Congo Ngbandi communal contender
Dem. Rep. of the Congo Tutsis ethnoclass
Djibouti Afars indigenous
Dominican Republic Haitian Blacks ethnoclass
Ecuador Blacks ethnoclass
Ecuador Indigenous Highland Peoples indigenous
Ecuador Lowland Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Egypt Copts religious sect
El Salvador Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Eritrea Afars ethnonationalist
Estonia Russians national minority
Ethiopia Afars indigenous
Ethiopia Amhara communal contender
Ethiopia Oromo communal contender
Ethiopia Somalis indigenous
Ethiopia Tigreans communal contender
Fiji East Indians communal contender
Fiji Fijians communal contender
France Basques ethnonationalist
France Corsicans ethnonationalist
France Muslim (Noncitizens) ethnoclass
France Roma ethnoclass
Georgia Abkhazians ethnonationalist
Georgia Adzhars ethnonationalist
Georgia Ossetians (South) ethnonationalist
Georgia Russians national minority
Germany Turks ethnoclass
Ghana Ashanti communal contender
Ghana Ewe communal contender
Ghana Mossi-Dagomba communal contender
Greece Muslims religious sect
Greece Roma ethnoclass
Guatemala Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Guinea Fulani communal contender
Guinea Malinke communal contender
Guinea Susu communal contender
Guyana Africans communal contender
Guyana East Indians communal contender
Honduras Black Karibs ethnoclass
Honduras Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Hungary Roma ethnoclass
India Assamese indigenous
India Bodos indigenous
India Kashmiris ethnonationalist
India Mizos indigenous
India Muslims religious sect
India Nagas indigenous
India Scheduled Tribes indigenous
India Sikhs ethnonationalist
India Tripuras indigenous
Indonesia Acehnese ethnonationalist
Indonesia Chinese ethnoclass
Indonesia Papuans indigenous
Iran Arabs national minority
Iran Azerbaijanis national minority
Iran Baha'is religious sect
Iran Bakhtiari indigenous
Iran Baluchis indigenous
Iran Christians religious sect
Iran Kurds ethnonationalist
Iran Turkmen national minority
Iraq Kurds ethnonationalist
Iraq Shi'is religious sect
Iraq Sunnis communal contender
Israel Arabs ethnoclass
Israel Palestinians ethnonationalist
Italy Roma ethnoclass
Italy Sardinians ethnonationalist
Italy South Tyrolians national minority
Japan Koreans ethnoclass
Jordan Palestinians ethnonationalist
Kazakhstan Germans national minority
Kazakhstan Russians national minority
Kenya Kalenjin indigenous
Kenya Kikuyu communal contender
Kenya Kisii communal contender
Kenya Luhya communal contender
Kenya Luo communal contender
Kenya Maasai indigenous
Kenya Somalis indigenous
Kyrgyzstan Russians national minority
Kyrgyzstan Uzbeks national minority
Laos Hmong indigenous
Latvia Russians national minority
Lebanon Druze communal contender
Lebanon Maronite Christians communal contender
Lebanon Palestinians ethnonationalist
Lebanon Shi'is communal contender
Lebanon Sunnis communal contender
Lithuania Poles national minority
Lithuania Russians national minority
Macedonia Albanians national minority
Macedonia Roma ethnoclass
Macedonia Serbs national minority
Madagascar Merina communal contender
Malaysia Chinese communal contender
Malaysia Dayaks indigenous
Malaysia East Indians communal contender
Malaysia Kadazans indigenous
Mali Tuareg indigenous
Mauritania Black Moors ethnoclass
Mauritania Kewri communal contender
Mexico Mayans indigenous
Mexico Other Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Mexico Zapotecs indigenous
Moldova Gagauz national minority
Moldova Slavs national minority
Morocco Berbers indigenous
Morocco Saharawis ethnonationalist
Namibia Basters ethnonationalist
Namibia East Caprivians communal contender
Namibia Europeans ethnoclass
Namibia San Bushmen indigenous
New Zealand Maori indigenous
Nicaragua Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Niger Tuareg indigenous
Nigeria Ibo communal contender
Nigeria Ijaw indigenous
Nigeria Ogoni communal contender
Nigeria Yoruba communal contender
Pakistan Ahmadis religious sect
Pakistan Baluchis national minority
Pakistan Hindus religious sect
Pakistan Mohajirs communal contender
Pakistan Pashtuns (Pushtuns) communal contender
Pakistan Sindhis communal contender
Panama Blacks ethnoclass
Panama Chinese ethnoclass
Panama Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Papua New Guinea Bouganvilleans ethnonationalist
Paraguay Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Peru Blacks (Afro-Peruvians) ethnoclass
Peru Indigenous Highland Peoples indigenous
Peru Lowland Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Philippines Igorots indigenous
Philippines Moros ethnonationalist
Rep. of the Congo Lari communal contender
Rep. of the Congo M'boshi communal contender
Romania Magyars (Hungarians) national minority
Romania Roma ethnoclass
Russia Avars ethnonationalist
Russia Buryat indigenous
Russia Chechens indigenous
Russia Ingush indigenous
Russia Karachay indigenous
Russia Kumyks ethnonationalist
Russia Lezgins indigenous
Russia Roma ethnoclass
Russia Tatars ethnonationalist
Russia Tuvinians indigenous
Russia Yakut indigenous
Rwanda Hutus communal contender
Rwanda Tutsis communal contender
Saudi Arabia Shi'is religious sect
Senegal Diolas in Casamance ethnonationalist
Serbia Croats national minority
Serbia Hungarians national minority
Serbia Kosovo Albanians national minority
Serbia Roma ethnoclass
Serbia Sandzak Muslims religious sect
Sierra Leone Creoles ethnoclass
Sierra Leone Limba communal contender
Sierra Leone Mende communal contender
Sierra Leone Temne communal contender
Singapore Malays national minority
Slovakia Hungarians national minority
Slovakia Roma ethnoclass
Somalia Issaq communal contender
South Africa Asians communal contender
South Africa Coloreds communal contender
South Africa Europeans communal contender
South Africa Xhosa communal contender
South Africa Zulus communal contender
Spain Basques ethnonationalist
Spain Catalans national minority
Spain Roma ethnoclass
Sri Lanka Indian Tamils ethnoclass
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Tamils ethnonationalist
Sudan Darfur Black Muslims communal contender
Sudan Nuba indigenous
Sudan Southerners ethnonationalist
Switzerland Foreign Workers ethnoclass
Switzerland Jurassians national minority
Syria Alawi communal contender
Syria Kurds ethnonationalist
Taiwan Aboriginal Taiwanese indigenous
Taiwan Mainland Chinese communal contender
Taiwan Taiwanese communal contender
Tajikistan Russians national minority
Tajikistan Uzbeks national minority
Tanzania Zanzibaris ethnonationalist
Thailand Chinese ethnoclass
Thailand Malay-Muslims national minority
Thailand Northern Hill Tribes indigenous
Togo Ewe communal contender
Togo Kabre communal contender
Turkey Kurds ethnonationalist
Turkmenistan Russians national minority
Uganda Acholi communal contender
Uganda Baganda ethnonationalist
Ukraine Crimean Russians national minority
Ukraine Crimean Tatars ethnonationalist
Ukraine Russians national minority
United Kingdom Afro-Caribbeans ethnoclass
United Kingdom Asians ethnoclass
United Kingdom Catholics in Northern Ireland ethnonationalist
United Kingdom Scots ethnonationalist
United States of America African-Americans ethnoclass
United States of America Hispanics ethnoclass
United States of America Native Americans indigenous
United States of America Native Hawaiians indigenous
Uzbekistan Russians national minority
Uzbekistan Tajiks national minority
Venezuela Blacks ethnoclass
Venezuela Indigenous Peoples indigenous
Vietnam Chinese ethnoclass
Vietnam Montagnards indigenous
Zambia Bemba communal contender
Zambia Lozi communal contender
Zimbabwe Europeans ethnoclass
Zimbabwe Ndebele communal contender


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